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Each year digital architects, pixel visionaries and curators of dreams alike, come together in iconic cities all over the world to share with us their best-kept secrets. Obsessive, passionate, scrupulous and meticulous; always creative; always brave.

Web Design

It's an uncommon gathering for those who understand and want to learn more about.

Easy and Efficient

Build your own Web 3.0 blockchain service on The Balance. Luniverse significantly reduces the transaction time and cost and provide a high-performing transaction processing with PoA algorithm.

Safe and Stable

Build with security.
Luniverse Dapps have Zero mainnet incident and provide a stable blockchain development environment


Certified by DNV, Luniverse resolves both transaction speed and environmental problem on the existing blockchain networks.

The speakers

Tobias van Schneider
Independent Designer

Mathias Høst Normark
Art Director & Designer



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