Decentralized Protocol for Value Transfer Compliance


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Encrypted Transmission


Decentralized Protocol for Secure and Immediate Data Sharing among
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Transaction Result

Pursue a decentralized approach without the usage of a central component. Work with any blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) used for the underlying virtual asset transfer

Verification Result

Put privacy of transferred data at the center of its design.

How we are secure on encryption?

— VerifyVASP Encryption Algorithm

ECDSA secp256k1

Blockchain protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS use public and private keys which are based on Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (secp256k1) for immutability and security.

VerifyVASP Protocol

VerifyVASP protocol uses Blockchain account’s (address) public and private keys for encryption. Verified results can only be decrypted by beneficiary’s private key of its blockchain account (address).

High Security

Since it is almost impossible to calculate private key from public key, it is also almost impossible to decrypt VerifyVASP’s encryption.

Alliance Partners

Exchanges & Wallets, Compliance Solution, Blockchain Technology and more are coming.
The VerifyVASP continues to welcome additional members globally.

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